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  • Paté of turning greens


    The turning greens pâté is the emblem of traditional Apulian cuisine. It is the ideal ingredient for making tasty dishes. Excellent with pasta but also to flavour risottos, main courses, savoury pies, enriches the flavour of eggs and fresh cheeses.

    Ingredients: turnip tops, extra virgin olive oil

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    The broccoli rabe pâté is the emblem of traditional Apulian cuisine. The Depalo family selects the best raw materials to which the Depalo extra virgin olive oil is added for preservation in order to restore all the genuine taste of typical recipes. The turnip greens pâté is perfect for making pasta dishes based on fresh pasta, it is also an excellent ingredient for making risottos. It is excellent as a side dish for second meats or to make savoury pies. Turnip greens are a typical vegetable from Central-Southern Italy. Mainly cultivated in Apulia, Campania, Lazio and Tuscany, it is a plant that loves the heat. Only the tenderest leaves and the inflorescences kept inside the vegetable are eaten. Called with different dialectal names according to the regions, such as “broccoli di rapa” or “broccoletti”, “friarielli” and “rapini”, they are currently cultivated also in America and Australia. Thanks to the particular, slightly bitter taste, they have conquered the palate of all of Italy. In particular in Apulia, turnip greens have always been protagonists of recipes with a “poor” appearance such as the famous “orecchiette with turnip greens“.

    Olio Depalo