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  • Olives

    of Apulia

    We cultivate on our land traditional Apulian cultivars such as Coratina and Barolo Ogliarola with an eco-sustainable agriculture system



    Thanks to an extraction below 27° C, our extra virgin olive oil maintains the nutritional and physical characteristics unchanged

    Extra virgin

    olive oil

    The combination of olive oil tradition and technological innovation allows us to create a superior quality extra virgin olive oil


    The Coratina

    Giove it is the extra virgin olive oil cold pressed produced only with olives of the Coratina variety coming from our land. It is distinguished from other oils by its intense herbaceous scent and bitter and pungent taste in the final part of the tasting, which is characteristic of this typical cultivar of Apulia. The strong taste is in fact due to the massive presence of polyphenols, very important natural antioxidants. On the palate there are hints of artichoke and green almond while the scent of freshly mown grass immediately brings to mind the direct link between man and nature.

    At the table: Giove is perfect for enhancing legume soups, grilled red meats, bruschetta with homemade bread.



    Danae it is the extra virgin olive oil cold extracted, born only from olives of the Ogliarola Barese cultivar. Harvested at the land owned by the Depalo family, the olives are immediately taken to the mill to be pressed. This makes it possible to obtain a high quality extra virgin olive oil. The Ogliarola Barese, a typical variety of the Bari area, from which it takes its name, gives a light fruity smell to the oil. The initial taste of the tasting is slightly spicy, followed by a slight aftertaste of green almond.

    At the table: Danae is perfect for enhancing fish dishes, vegetables, salads, white meat, tomato-based sauces, pestos, desserts.



    Danae è l’olio extravergine di oliva estratto a freddo nato solo da olive di cultivar Ogliarola Barese. Raccolte presso i terreni di proprietà della famiglia Depalo, le olive vengono subito portate in frantoio per essere molite. Ciò permette di ottenere un extravergine di altissima qualità. L’Ogliarola Barese, varietà tipica del territorio di Bari, da cui prende il nome, regala un olio fruttato leggero all’olfatto. Il sapore iniziale della degustazione è lievemente piccante, seguito da un leggero retrogusto di mandorla verde.

    A tavola: Danae è perfetta per esaltare piatti a base di pesce, verdure, insalate, carne bianca, sughi a base di pomodoro, pesti, dolci.



    Perseo is the cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil born from the union of cultivated Coratina and Ogliarola Barese olives. The perfect balance between the decisive flavours of Coratina and the aromatic scents of the Ogliarola Barese, obtained thanks to a unique recipe developed by the Depalo family, give Perseo a unique aroma. Intensely fruity with a slightly spicy and bitter aftertaste, it amazes with its delicacy while maintaining the unmistakable flavour of freshly pressed olives.

    At the table: Perseo is the perfect ingredient for seasoning roasted fish, light sauces, vegetables, fresh tomato-based dishes, grilled vegetables.

    Olio Depalo