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  • Bomba Pugliese


    The “Apulian Bomb” is a spicy cream based on aubergines and other typical Apulian agricultural vegetables such as peppers, carrots and chilli. It is the ideal ingredient to make tasty croutons, first courses or to season grilled, boiled or steamed meats.

    Ingredients: aubergines, peppers, carrots, peppers, extra virgin olive oil.

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    The Bomba Pugliese is a spicy cream typical of traditional Apulian cuisine. The Depalo family selects the best raw materials to which the Depalo extra virgin olive oil is added for preservation in order to restore all the genuine taste of typical recipes. The Bomba Pugliese is perfect for making quick pasta dishes with a bold taste. Excellent as a pairing with grilled or boiled meats, Bomba Pugliese is the queen of starters. Thanks to the intense taste of the chilli pepper, mitigated by the pleasantness of the vegetables, it is able to satisfy even the most demanding palates. Excellent on croutons of homemade bread and canapés. Delicious if matched with boiled eggs.

    The vegetable mixture is enhanced by storage in Depalo extra virgin olive oil. This high quality extra virgin olive oil gives the cream a unique liveliness and a recognizable flavour. The result is an excellent product, which preserves the characteristics of the genuine cuisine of Apulia.

    Creams and pestos are a typical and characteristic element of the typical Apulian cuisine. For the success of a good dish it is necessary that all the ingredients are chosen with care. That’s why Olio Depalo selects only the best products to offer a quality gastronomic experience.

    Olio Depalo