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    The typical Apulian taralli are fragrant and genuine. Made with just a few simple ingredients according to the tradition of Apulia, they preserve all the fragrance of the freshly baked product. Excellent for quick snacks, they are a must on the tables to accompany salads or cold cuts and cheeses.

    Ingredients: “00” type soft wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, onion, wine, salt, brewer’s yeast.

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    The taralli are a typical product of Southern Italy and in particular of Apulia and Campania. However, the two recipes are very different. In fact, in Apulia they are a light and crunchy baked product. They are made with representative ingredients of the territory such as flour, water and extra virgin olive oil. On the contrary, in Campania they are characterised by a strong taste and are made with lard and pepper. They are best-known as they are protagonists of savoury breaks. They are ideal to accompany a glass of wine and enrich aperitifs with taste. They also accompany dishes instead of bread like salads. Olio Depalo selects the taralli made according to a traditional recipe and with high quality ingredients.

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